Edward Younger


I didn’t grow up aspiring to be a lawyer. My background is in business, music and technology. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-thirties that I decided to enroll in law school. I was a married father of two, enjoying a successful career in the high tech sector, when I saw the far reaches of the law surrounding me in my personal and professional life. We live in a legalistic society where mistakes can be costly. By studying the law, I could help my family avoid the everyday legal pitfalls that we have to navigate. I carry that same approach into my practice as I try to protect my clients.

My goal is to provide professional legal services with compassion, integrity, and value. I believe prevention and planning before legal problems arise is the best way to operate. Too often people put off addressing their legal matters until it is too late. At that point there is conflict and unnecessary expense. I’d like to change that paradigm. I believe my clients appreciate access to professional legal counsel at reasonable rates.

Kiran Sahota, J.D.

Kiran was born and raised in Woodland, California, and now lives in Brentwood, California with her goldendoodle, Gibson. . She attended the University of California, Davis where she received her B.A. in English with a minor in Human Rights. In 2020, she graduated from Golden Gate University, School of Law where she received the Witkin Award for professional responsibility.

Prior to joining our law office, Kiran worked at a non-profit organization for many years in the area of estate planning, representing people with complex legal problems in marginalized communities who typically did not have access to attorneys.

Kiran is passionate about providing accessible legal services and communicating with cultural sensitivities. In her free time, Kiran enjoys watching Desperate Housewives and going to Home Goods. 

Veronica Rinehart

Client Services Manager

Veronica was born and raised in Livermore, California. She has over 20 years of experience in office management and has worked with the Law Office of Edward Younger as the office manager since Mr. Younger established the firm. Veronica and her husband of 33 years now live in Penn Valley, California where they enjoy gardening all types of vegetables.

As the mother of two beautiful daughters, Veronica loves baking during the holiday season for her family and friends. In her free time, Veronica enjoys running, working out, water sports, and vacationing in Maui. 

Elisa Duenas 


Elisa has lived in Oakley, California for 12 years with her husband, where they have enjoyed raising their two beautiful children. Prior to joining our estate planning firm, she worked in special needs education for six years.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking for her friends and family and chasing around her mini- belly pig, Pumba, around their family farm. One of her sweetest pleasures in life is when her Yorkshire puppy, Bently, welcomes her home after a long day of work.